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Cladding Spray Painters Consett

As a Consett business owner, you know that the building you use plays a significant role in brand awareness and perception. Put simply, if your building looks scruffy and run down, potential clients, customers and business associates will form their opinion of your business based partly on this fact.

At Sketch Spray, our Consett team fully understand the need for presentable, smart and modern-looking premises that project a positive company image. So, when the cladding on the building you use starts to look grubby and is in desperate need of refurbishment, you need to act.

Or maybe you've recently launched your company in an old unit that's seen better days and you are keen to upgrade the cladding.

The trouble is, you need to keep overheads and expenditure down, particularly in times of economic uncertainty.

Feeling The Pinch

Millions of homeowners are also, understandably, concerned about rising costs. And if the cladding on your home is in need of attention, you may be wondering how you can afford to resolve the problem.

While you may not have a brand image to consider, nobody wants to live in a home with a faded and grubby-looking exterior. It's about having pride in your home, and it's also about self-esteem and your personal satisfaction and happiness.

Sketch Spray has the perfect solution for home and business owners alike in the form of our professional cladding spraying service.

If this sounds like an interesting proposition, read on to discover what it's all about.

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Why Choose Cladding Painting?

Although it is used on residential properties (particularly blocks of flats and modern dwellings), cladding is more likely to be found on many commercial buildings. Cladding panels add a layer of protection, keeping the underlying material safe from the elements and providing extra insulation.

It also adds texture and style to the overall design, changing the structure from a featureless office block or industrial unit into a workplace with appeal and an attractive form.

However, time and weather cause the cladding to become stained, damaged and faded. Constant heat and cold exposure make the cladding expand and contract, leading to warping which causes the coating to fail.

Three Choices

When this happens, you have three options; leave it as it is, replace it, or arrange for cladding spraying.

Clearly, the first option isn't ideal as it will only get worse and it projects a poor image of your business. The second choice works but will incur a lot of expense.

That's why cladding spraying makes good sense: your business premises or home will never have looked so good, and it won't put a huge dent in your budget.

Here are some of the benefits in more detail:

A Cost-Effective Solution

Refurbishing existing cladding will save you money, and that's a fact. Of course, the total cost will depend on the scale of the project and the size of your building. You may only want a section or facade painted, or you might want the entire building spray painting. It's really up to you, but whatever you decide, re-coating curtain walling will cost you a fraction of the amount you'd pay for replacement cladding.

To learn more, call us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

A Wide Range Of Colours

There's a wide range of colours to choose from. We can match the colour to those already present on your building, or create one especially for your brand.

A Quick Turnaround

The Sketch Spray technicians will complete the project quickly and efficiently. We always aim to cause minimal disruption to your business processes or daily routine.

One way in which we speed up the process is by spray painting, as it allows us to work much more quickly than when using rollers or brushes.

Book A Convenient Working Time

If necessary, we can schedule the work on commercial premises to take place outside of business hours to reduce any disruption or inconvenience to staff and clients.

Long-Term Protection

Our paints will keep the exterior of your building looking clean and bright for at least a decade. The specialist cladding coatings are formulated to guard against airborne chemicals and pollution, mould, bacteria, and abrasion.

Cladding spraying mimics the properties of the original coating applied during the manufacturing process, and in many cases is much tougher and more durable.

Highly-Skilled Painters

While we are confident in the quality of the paint, the skill of the cladding spray painters has to be taken into account. We ensure that the preparation and application are perfect to get the maximum life expectancy from the paint.

Why Choose Cladding Painting
Why Does Cladding Fail And Fade?

Why Does Cladding Fail And Fade?

UV light from the sun causes a lot of damage to the surface, eventually breaking down the protective coating applied by the manufacturer. In addition, harsh weather, humidity and moisture in the air all take their toll, discolouration and staining the cladding.

Buildings in coastal areas are particularly affected due to the high salt content in the air.

Rusted Fittings

Attaching cladding panels to a building requires drilling holes, and the metal fittings can become rusted. Rust stains around these fittings look unsightly, and the bolts often corrode and break. These will need replacing before cladding spraying takes place.

Another issue is delamination, where the existing coatings peel away from the surface which is bad news as moisture between the inner and outer layers causes rust to form on metal cladding, while timber cladding may begin to rot.

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What Is Cladding Spraying?

Basically, your cladding is cleaned up and spray painted to make it look fantastic and protect it from the elements.

Yes, it sounds simple, and for our highly-skilled team of cladding painting contractors, it is a straightforward process. However, it takes an experienced cladding spraying team to achieve a factory finish, and that's exactly what you can expect from Sketch Spray.

The cladding spraying process usually follows these steps:

Site Survey

We visit your business (or home) and perform a site survey to assess the full extent of the work and to identify any potential problems or hazards.


The Sketch Spray painting technicians then clean the surface of the cladding with an industrial degreaser and a pressure washer that removes any loose or defective coating.

The surface is sanded to ensure optimum adhesion of the spray paint.

Minor damage, such as dents or small holes, is repaired with filler, and cut edge corrosion (rust that forms on the unprotected edges on metal cladding) is removed and treated to stop rust from returning.

Extensively damaged panels will be replaced, ideally using the original source. Where this is not possible, we will match the profile as closely as we can.

Any areas that are not to be sprayed (masonry, windows, doors, signage, lighting, etc.) will be masked to protect them.

Cladding Spraying

The team will use scaffolding, scissor-lifts or a combination of these two to reach higher areas. Anyone operating or using machinery will hold relevant training and certification.

Several coats are applied to produce a perfect finish, and the final layer will be touch dry within thirty minutes and will usually set within 24 hours, depending on the temperature.

Once they finish, the Sketch Spray cladding painting contractors will remove all masking tape and paper, and then perform a final check to make sure the work is up to standard.

All equipment, tools and waste material is cleared away.

What Is Cladding Spraying?


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What Cladding Materials Can Be Spray Painted

What Cladding Materials Can Be Spray Painted?

Our cladding coatings can be applied to metal, timber and UPVC (and other plastic) cladding, so there's an excellent chance that we can help you to renovate the exterior of your property.

If you're unsure as to what your cladding panels are made of, we'll be glad to help you identify the material.

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How Long Does The Paint Last?

Sketch Spray cladding painting specialists only use high-quality paints that are guaranteed to protect your building for between ten and fifteen years.

In many instances, the coatings last well beyond this time without any signs of deterioration.

Our specialist paints are developed specifically for spray painting cladding and will protect it from pollution, mould and damage from impact.

How Long Does The Paint Last?

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How Long Does The Process Take?

How Long Does The Process Take?

It depends on the size and scale of the project and whether we are painting the inside as well as the outside. Typically, an area of cladding approximately 100m² in size can be covered in one shift.

For residential properties, we can usually complete the entire project within a couple of days.

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What If There Is Other Work Taking Place?

We are used to working with maintenance and construction companies and can arrange a schedule with them so we don't overlap or hinder each other.

As long as we can gain access to the site when necessary, we can get the job done without any fuss or delay.

What If There Is Other Work Taking Place

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Sketch Spray Professional Cladding Painters

Sketch Spray: Professional Cladding Painters

Cladding re-coating is an amazing, affordable solution for businesses and homeowners in Consett. But it's not a job you can leave to anyone.

You need a Consett cladding painting contractor that you can trust, and that's why you should contact Sketch Spray cladding painting services today.

From start to finish, we guarantee a professional service that delivers the results you need for a price that suits your budget.

frequently asked questions

How long does spray paint on cladding last?

Spray-painted cladding can last for more than 10 years. We are happy to offer a 10-year guarantee on both our factory cladding spraying services and shop front cladding spraying services.

Can you paint over cladding?

You can paint over cladding. Spray painted cladding will last longer and be more durable. Our spray painters know the best techniques for each type of cladding.

Is it possible to paint plastic wall cladding?

You can paint plastic wall cladding. Our UPVC cladding sprayers can be used on all surfaces. They will increase the durability and appeal, as well as the aesthetics of any surface.

Which is better: spray or brush painted cladding?

Spray painting exterior and interior cladding is better because it provides a better coverage and finish. It also takes less time and is much more efficient.

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