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Commercial Painters Northcote

Here at Sketch Spray, we offer a range of services in Northcote that can change the look of your space instantly. As Northcote painting contractors, we know what it takes to transform buildings through our painting services.

But one area we haven't discussed much so far is our role as commercial painters. That's right: if you have any commercial painting projects that you need carried out by our Northcote team of professional painters and decorators, then we're here to help.

Not sure what commercial projects commercial painters and decorators can help with? Don't know the difference between commercial painting and residential painting? Not to worry, because we'll explain it all below as we talk about our expertise as commercial painters and decorators and help you understand how we can help you!

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What Is Commercial Painting?

Commercial decorating services involve painting and decorating commercial spaces. That means you focus on places like offices, warehouses, factories, and hospitality locations, rather than people's homes.

Commercial painting and decorating is all about decorating projects in a commercial space. Imagine if you walked into a restaurant and the walls were left unpainted and the whole building was left unchanged from the moment the builders left. It wouldn't make you want to return, would it?

Undecorated spaces are bad for businesses and are bad for customers. To increase customer satisfaction/worker satisfaction, buildings that members of the public use need to look presentable.

Of course, for large-scale commercial painting projects, a decorating company or decorating contractors makes the most sense. Industrial premises need more support than the average residential painting job...

Difference Between Commercial/Industrial Painting and Residential

It's not just the size of the place, commercial painting differs from residential painting in several other key ways to:

  • Tighter time constraints - industrial painting needs to be carried out quickly by professional painters, or else businesses will lose money and their customers and workers will be left unsatisfied if decorating works take too long.
  • Level of expertise - we offer our services to residential properties too here at Sketch Spray, but there's no denying that painting and decorating commercial spaces requires extensive experience beforehand as a professional, dedicated team, so the projects can be completed more efficiently.
  • Materials needed - professionals will need to use far more materials just to cover the space. But away from that, some materials will need to meet specific requirements to meet health and safety standards to do with fire control, etc. We can advise further when you contact us.

And there are plenty of other differences, too.

The point is, commercial painters need to have many years of experience in painting and decorating to provide the best possible services. Residential painting projects can often work with more flexible hours, but a commercial project can not.

It's about more than just the size of the space and the location.

What Is Commercial Painting ?
What Sort Of Commercial Projects Do We Do

What Sort Of Commercial Projects Do We Do?

As commercial painters, we have worked on a range of projects, and we'll list some examples below. However, if you have a commercial project in mind that isn't explicitly stated below, you should still reach out to us to see if we can help.

As a professional team with plenty of commercial and industrial painting experience, we're sure our services would benefit you.

For now, though, here are the sort of projects we usually work on:

  • Painting and decorating new-build offices
  • Revamping old offices
  • Hotel painting
  • Small family business redecorations
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Large-scale business redecorations
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping centres
  • Shops
  • Supermarkets

If you can think of a commercial business or project, then we've probably worked on something similar. We have varied clients from all sorts of businesses and companies, and we're hoping you might be the latest one on our list.

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How Professional Painters Can Help You

So, what can professional painters and decorators do for you? Well, once we've undertaken the project, here is an overview of the sort of tasks we undertake whilst carrying out our services:

  • Industrial painting
  • Industrial flooring work (such as epoxy flooring)
  • Commercial painting and decorating
  • Industrial coatings
  • Factory and warehouse work
  • Fire protection paints
  • Your choice of paint colour and style

We can decorate any commercial or industrial space and carry out any decorating job, however big or small, from walls to flooring, large-scale buildings to smaller ones, our decorating company has helped with them all.

How Professional Painters Can Help You


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What Are The Benefits Of Working With Us ?

What Are The Benefits Of Working With Us?

Now you know what commercial painters do, the projects we can work on, and the tasks we help with, let's focus on how we can benefit you for a moment.

At the end of the day, your business matters to you, so making it look great is wonderful, but how does hiring a decorating business like ours to do it for you actually benefit you?

Professional Service

When you want a professional job, hire the professionals. That makes sense. Because our team of painters and decorators are all experienced in industrial and commercial painting, we know how to deliver high-quality work to our clients.

Quality, safety, and speed is at the heart of everything we do when we're on site. And keeping our clients happy is always a priority, so the standard of finish we offer is unrivalled.

Fast Results

Speed is always important when dealing with commercial and industrial premises, because we know you need to get back to normal operation as quickly as possible.

The time it takes us to complete a specific job will depend on the site we're working at, the requirements, and any unique aspects of the job, but we never take longer than we need to.

By delivering fast results, we're able to make sure our painting and decorating services don't waste your time, so you can get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Unique Service

Every office, warehouse, factory, hotel, restaurant, and shopping centre in the UK has a unique identity - and rightfully so.

Because we're experts at helping you get the look you want, you can personalise everything from the colour of the paint to the type of paint used (so long as it complies with regulations and health and safety, of course), from the flooring choice to the finish.

When you work with us, you control the finished result - we just complete the work for you.

Quality Results

Quality is everything in business, and making sure you have a high-quality finish will mean happier workers and customers.

Whilst speed is important, so too is making sure you get the finished look that puts your business' best foot forward.

It can be difficult finding a business who can carry out a painting service quickly and efficiently, but here at Sketch Spray we do exactly that.

Years Of Experience

Painting and decorating commercial and residential buildings is our bread and butter. There isn't a colour, a type of paint, or a finish we can't work with, so if you have a space that needs painting, we can certainly help.

Only after years of experience can we offer the painting services we do with the confidence we have in our results. That means you're in safe hands with us.

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Can I Get A Quote?

In order to get a free quote (and possibly even a free site survey to see what you need help with for ourselves), it's best to contact us and get in touch today. It's difficult for us to give you an exact cost without knowing what needs to be done and the service you require.

By reaching out and talking with our customer service team, we'll be able to provide you with a free quote and some additional information about the painting services we offer.

commercial painters Can I Get A Quote

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How Long Will It Take min

How Long Will It Take?

Painting is one of those difficult things to give a timescale for. First there's the painting, then there's the drying, and that's without mentioning the prep work that must be carried out before we start.

Again, if you get in touch today, we'll be able to give you a better idea, but without seeing the space for ourselves, we can't give you an exact timeframe.

We can, however, guarantee a speedy service so you can be back to operating as normal as soon as possible.

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What To Do Next

Commercial painting is a job we take great pride in. Hopefully, we've been able to show why letting commercial painters handle the job for you is preferable.

So, if you have a commercial or industrial space in Northcote that needs painting and decorating, consider contacting our Northcote team today. We're excited to learn how we can help!

What To Do Next

frequently asked questions

What is commercial painting?

Commercial painting is for larger-scale jobs like restaurants, offices, and stores. Commercial painters can also be hired to paint multi-family homes, including condos, apartments, and HOAs.

What kind of paint is used for commercial buildings?

Acrylic paints have been a popular choice for exteriors and commercial buildings because of their water resistance and durability. You can choose from gloss, semi-gloss, or eggshell finishes for these paints. These paints can be applied quickly with rollers or brushes.

Which type of paint should be used in an office?

Satin or Eggshell are just right. Your office's paint job must be balanced in order to maintain a healthy work/life balance. Satin and eggshell finishes are the most popular paint finishes. They offer durability and shine without being too shiny.

What is the difference between commercial and industrial painting?

A commercial or industrial painting job can be very similar to a residential job in many ways. However, it is on a much larger scale. Industrial painting is about function and form. It's about creating a layer of paint that can withstand the harsh environment of a manufacturing environment.

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