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Exterior House Painting Addison

Your Addison home's exterior walls perform an amazing job of protecting you and your possessions from the elements. The trouble is that they face many challenges over the years and will eventually need some attention.

They begin to look drab and past their best. What's more, they can succumb to serious problems, like penetrating damp.

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If your walls are in need of revitalising, why not consider Sketch Spray exterior house painting? We are experienced, professional painters from Addison who can help you to transform your home for the better.

If you are undecided, here are some reasons why painting the outside of your home is a great idea, and why you should choose Sketch Spray`s Addison team of house painters for the job.

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Why Should I Paint My Home Exterior?

Whether your walls are made of brick or stone or whether they are rendered, painted or covered in pebble dash, they are all exposed to the same conditions.

Strong winds, ice, rain, and snow all take their toll. High temperatures also have an effect, as the sun's heat makes the walls expand during the day and then contract as night draws in. Constant expansion and contraction can eventually cause cracks to appear. And once moisture gets in and freezes during winter, your cracked walls get worse.

Painted And Rendered walls

Masonry paint will start to fade and flake, old render can crack or 'blow', and pebble dash looks tired and patchy as stones fall off, allowing moisture inside.

Even unpainted walls aren't immune, as brick and stone can also crack or spall, where pieces are forced off by frost.

In addition, any of these surfaces can become covered in grime, mould and algae, making them unsightly.

Don't forget windows and doors, as these take a hammering, too, especially if they are made from wood which can rot or come under attack from bugs.

Damp And Black Mould

When water gets into your cracked walls it can cause severe problems such as rising or penetrating damp and black mould. Once damp takes hold, it can seriously damage the internal structure, especially if it gets into the timbers.

Putting this right can be very expensive, and black mould is believed to cause respiratory problems and trigger asthma and allergies.

Why Should I Paint My Home Exterior
How Does Exterior House Painting Help

How Does Exterior House Painting Help?

Modern masonry paint and external wall coatings are far superior to those in the past. Many offer greatly improved waterproofing qualities and will form a protective shell that insulates your home.

Some of these paints are guaranteed for up to twenty years, saving you the hassle of maintenance as well as the expense of regular repairs. Your energy bills will also be lower because of the increased insulation.

A fresh coat of paint on your exterior walls might be exactly what you need.

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Paint Brush, Roller or Spray Painting: Which Is Best?

Each method has its place and all professional painters and decorators will be trained to use them all proficiently.

Let's examine the pros and cons of using these methods for exterior house painting:

Painting By Brush


  • Minimum preparation. There's little need for masking if you have a steady hand, and you won't need to cover bushes, ornaments, garden furniture etc.
  • It conserves paint. Compared with the other methods, you use much less paint.
  • Stop when it's convenient. You can break the job into several one or two-hour segments.
  • Minimum clean-up. You only need to wash the brushes as there's no other equipment.
  • Good for detailed work. Small brushes are great for edging work.


  • Brush strokes can spoil the finish. Without careful application, brush strokes are visible.

Slower than other methods. Painting with brushes takes longer as more strokes are required to cover the same area.

Using a Roller


  • Quicker than using a brush. Rollers can cover a large area in less time.
  • Rollers can be used to add texture. Different roller ends can create artistic effects.
  • Less messy. If not overloaded with paint, there are fewer drips and splashes.


  • Extra work is required on rough, uneven surfaces. Rollers struggle to fill recesses on textured or rough surfaces, leaving unpainted areas.
  • Rollers can't get into small areas. Corners and edges are difficult to paint.
  • Overloaded rollers can be messy. Rolling too fast will cause spattering!

Spray Painting


  • Very quick application. Large areas can be covered in a fraction of the time, saving on labour costs.
  • Even, smooth coverage. There are no brush strokes to worry about, and you get a uniform coat across the surface.
  • Excellent for reaching corners. Spray painting beats brushes and rollers for fine detail, allowing the painter to get into crevices, cover textured surfaces and spray right into tight spaces.
  • Superior finish. You can't beat the excellent finish provided by spray painting - if it's undertaken professionally.


  • More preparation is required. It is necessary to mask and protect the area surrounding as the sprayed paint can drift.
  • Special equipment needs cleaning. The professional spray gun has to be cleaned properly after every session.
  • Requires specialist skills for best results. Overspray and drips are common if the painter is inexperienced.
  • Uses more paint. Spray painting can use up to 40% more paint. The amount of extra paint will vary depending on the quality of the equipment and the competency of the painters.

Spray painting is by far the best method for exterior house painting. And the more negative points can be mitigated when you use Sketch Spray's professional painting services. Our highly-trained staff will be more than happy to carefully prepare the site and clean up afterwards.

Skilled Painters

As for the skill involved, we guarantee that each job will be completed to a high standard with a long-lasting finish that you'll be sure to love. Our exterior house painters will ensure minimum overspray and will know precisely how much paint to use to produce perfect results without wasting materials.

Paint Brush Roller or Spray Painting Which Is Best


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Why Use Professional Exterior House Painters

Why Use Professional Exterior House Painters?

Painting is one of those jobs that everyone can do. But not everyone likes doing it, and even fewer are really good at it. Like anything else, some are more skilled than others.

As stated above, our staff have extensive experience in exterior painting of all property types.

The Drawbacks Of DIY

While house painting is a task you can tackle by yourself, it's rarely worth the inconvenience. You're unlikely to find good-quality professional masonry paint or house coatings at trade prices. You are also unlikely to have access to scaffolding to provide a secure working platform and may well be working up a ladder.

In addition, you'll probably be using a brush or roller, which (as we've seen) are slower and don't offer the best finish. And if you buy or hire a spray painting gun, it has to be a professional-grade model or you'll be plagued by drips and overspray, losing around 40% of your paint to the air. You'll also have to contend with a lot of mess as the drifting paint covers the surrounding area.

All in all, it makes good sense to engage the experts, and Sketch Spray is happy to help.

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Preparation: The Foundation Of A Successful Job

Preparation: The Foundation Of A Successful Job

Sketch Spray painters understand that preparation is the most important aspect; if you get this step wrong, you risk compromising the entire project.

Our professional staff will inspect the walls for any damage beforehand. Flaking paint will be removed with a brush, or, if necessary, a pressure washer. Cracks will be filled and any other repairs made as required.

The entire surface will be brushed down, and any powdery surfaces will have a stabilising primer applied. Sound walls, whether brick, masonry or render, will have a thin coat of masonry paint added as a primer.

Any areas not to be painted will be masked off, and portable items (pot plants, outdoor furniture, etc.) will be removed. Permanent fixtures, or those too heavy to move, will be covered as a precaution against drifting paint.

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How Long Does It Take To Spray Paint A House?

Obviously, the size of the house has a bearing on this, but on average it takes between three and five days to paint an entire house.

A terraced house, on both sides, will take between three and four days, while painting only the front of any house (depending on its size) should only take one or two days. Bungalows and cottages will be around three to five days.

Larger premises, like five or six-bedroom houses, will take between five and eight days.

Owners of commercial properties should contact us for details.

Homeowners can help to reduce the time by clearing away any items stored by the walls, as this means we can get on with the task. Remove trellis and climbing plants, logs for your wood burner, kid's toys etc. Also, you can help us during the process by keeping pets and children well out of the working area. Our staff need to ensure the safety of all concerned and to be able to work without distractions that may cause an accident.

How Long Does It Take To Spray Paint A House

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Is It Worth Painting The Exterior Of A House

Is It Worth Painting The Exterior Of A House?

Definitely. In addition to all the positive points already mentioned above, you will add appeal and value to your property by having the exterior walls painted.

It should be viewed as a sound investment, as you will soon recover the initial expense through savings on your energy bills as well as the reduced need for maintenance and repairs.

Kerb Appeal

It can also be a huge bonus when selling your home. While you can't control the unpredictable ups and downs of the housing market, you can attract potential buyers and increase your chances of a quick sale by making a great first impression.

Also, experts suggest that you can increase the value of your property between 2 and 7% simply by painting the external walls.


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How Much Does It Cost To Repaint A House?

The cost of painting a house depends on the full extent of the project and whether you want the entire house painted or only selected areas. The length of the job, materials and labour cost has to be factored in as well. You also need to take into account whether scaffolding will be required.

Across the UK, hourly rates for professional painters vary considerably, often depending on your location, local competition and how many years the company has been trading. You can discover a fair price by using sites like Checkatrade.

Once you have an idea of what to expect and have set a budget for your project, contact us for a free quote and we'll arrange for a full costing.

How Much Does It Cost To Repaint A House

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Is Exterior House Painting Really Necessary

Is Exterior House Painting Really Necessary?

We've seen the benefits and how painting your home's exterior can boost its value, but it's fair to ask whether it's a necessity for everyone.

The truth is that anyone can benefit from it, but it's a personal choice rather than a necessity.

However, it does make good sense to do so.

Here are some examples:

Selling Your Home

As we pointed out, you can dramatically improve the appearance of your home exterior by decorating the outside. Making your house look attractive will draw more attention from prospective buyers. And it's an established fact that a well-kept and pleasant neighbourhood reduces instances of anti-social crimes.

Protecting Your Property

The weather is your home's worst enemy. Freezing temperatures in winter and blazing sunshine in summer can cause severe damage over time. Insects, dirt, dust, mould, moss and algae attack the bricks, stone and wood.

A coating of specialist paint can make all the difference, guarding your walls against the worst of the elements and preserving your windows and doors.

Boosting Your Health

When your home looks beautiful it makes you happy. And happy people are healthier, it's as simple as that. Imagine your old house with a makeover and consider how it would boost your mood to have a place you can be proud of.

Changing Your Style

Maybe you are simply in need of a change? Whether you have rendered walls or plain brick, you can transform your home with a fresh new colour. Make your home stand out from the crowd by using Sketch Spray exterior house painters to add a few coats of vibrant colour.

We will help you to fall in love with your home again.

Contact us to discover our full range of popular colours or for advice on the best shades to use. Remember to always take into account the colour of your roof when planning your ideal look.


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Sketch Spray Professional Exterior House Painters

It's no exaggeration to suggest that exterior painting can be life-changing. It transforms the building, adds value, lifts the mood and provides savings and long-term protection.

It's a job that needs to be done properly; shoddy workmanship and an unprofessional approach will result in a poor-quality finish and unhappy customers.

Sketch Spray in Addison is proud of its house painting service, and we offer the same exceptional quality to all our customers.

Contact our Addison team for a free quote and to talk to us about your vision for your property. We can discuss colours and assist you with any queries you may have regarding the procedure.

Sketch Spray Professional Exterior House Painters

frequently asked questions

What is the life expectancy of a house with a spray-on exterior?

A house exterior spray can last for more than 10 years. We are happy to offer a 10-year guarantee on our exterior spraying services.

Is it worth painting the exterior of your house?

It is an inexpensive way to transform the exterior of your home. You can even paint over existing renderings.

Is it possible to spray the exterior of a house in winter?

The temperature of a house's exterior should never be below 8 degrees celsius as it will slow down the drying process. Morning dew can also cause problems with the final result. However, this depends on how long the project is and the weather conditions.

Which is better: spray or brush paint?

Spray painting a house exterior is better because it provides a better coverage and finish. It also takes less time and is much more efficient.

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