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How Much Does It Cost To Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets
25 October 2022

How Much Does It Cost To Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

When your old kitchen cabinets are looking worn or outdated or you really want to change the colour, what can you do? Maybe you love your new house but your kitchen cabinets are entirely the wrong colour and you can't stand the sight of them!

Do you replace them? Do you have a new kitchen fitted? Both are viable options that many people choose, and that's great. However, there's a third choice: spray painting.

Obviously, the first question that people ask is, how much does it cost to spray paint kitchen cabinets?

And the best answer we can give is - not as much as you might expect!

However, as a general guide, sites like Checkatrade suggest an average figure of between £800 and £1,000.

When you hire a professional, reputable spray painting specialist like Revamp Spray to do the job, you get a cost-effective solution and a flawless finish.

But how much do you know about kitchen spray painting?

Read on to learn more about this amazing service and discover how it compares to the other options.

What's Involved In Kitchen Spraying?

With kitchen resprays, we visit your home and coat your existing kitchen cabinets with specialist paint. There are several ways that the job can be done, but here's a typical example of the process:

White Kitchen Cabinets


Before the team begins spraying, they have to do the prep work.

Any removable items, like doors (including those of integrated appliances), plinths and drawer fronts, are taken off and brought to our workshop.

Anything that can't be removed is cleaned with a degreaser, checked for damage and repaired if necessary. The parts that are not to be painted will be carefully masked to protect them.

A light first coat is applied as a primer and allowed to dry, after which the remaining coats will be added.

Our paint is safe but may give off fumes, so our team will seal the area while spraying the non-removable parts. An extractor is also used as a safety precaution, and the team will be wearing appropriate PPE.

Spray Painting Doors & Drawers

Meanwhile, the items in our workshop will be expertly cleaned and any repairs made as necessary. Old paint is stripped and the items are sanded to provide the best adhesion. If you wish to replace the door furniture our team will ensure that they are fitted during the spraying process. New holes will be drilled if the replacement handles or knobs don't fit them, and the existing holes will be filled properly.

The drawer fronts, plinths, cupboard doors etc. are sprayed with high-grade paint using professional spraying equipment and allowed to dry.

Refitting The Doors & Drawers

All doors and drawers etc. are returned to the premises and fitted back in place. Any adjustments will be made to ensure that the doors are hung properly and drawers open and close smoothly.

Quality Control & Tidy Up

The team will inspect the work to make sure that it meets our high-quality service standards, and the site will be cleared of all tools and equipment.

Once we have established that the customer is satisfied, the job is signed off and the team will leave the site.

Why Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

If you have doubts about spray painting your kitchen cupboards, this section will put your fears to rest as we explore the real benefits that this method offers.

Kitchen Cabinets

It's Much Quicker

Hand painting is time-consuming. A professional paint sprayer can cover a kitchen quickly and efficiently, which means reduced labour costs.

It Has A Superior Finish

When you hand paint, there's a risk of leaving brush marks, and a paint roller leaves a stippled effect, although it is faster than hand painting.

With spray painting, you get a beautiful factory finish as the equipment we use ensures smoother coverage and the paint is specially formulated to form a durable, washable, scratch-resistant surface.

It's Cost-Effective

Aside from the fantastic finish, the most attractive aspect of kitchen resprays is that they can save you a lot of money.

Rough estimates suggest that it costs 50% and 80% less to spray paint kitchen cabinets than it does to replace them.

A brand-new kitchen in the UK costs an average of £10,500, though the actual price is likely to be far higher, especially if you have a large kitchen. And while replacing your kitchen cupboards might be cheaper than a new kitchen, it is still more expensive than spraying them.

Besides, if your cupboard doors and drawer fronts are still perfectly functional, replacing them seems a waste, as most waste material from kitchen renovations is taken to landfill sites.

There's No Disruptive Building Work

Replacing your kitchen cupboards or having a new kitchen fitted is a messy, noisy, and disruptive procedure. With the best will in the world, the suggestions by kitchen fitters that the work will only take a day or two are optimistic. While it is possible to refit a small kitchen in a few days, most refits or replacements take between one and six weeks.

Most people who have had this experience will tell you horror stories about missing contractors who decide not to turn up, suppliers who let them down, and additional costs building up as the completion date stretches further into the future.

A Wide Choice Of Colours

You get to pick from our huge range of colours, either from our colour chart or we can create a bespoke colour of your choice.

There's also a choice of finish; matt, satin or high-gloss. If you're not certain about which to go for, the satin finish is a good bet as it offers an attractive compromise.

With colour, you can go as bold as you like, or opt for a sophisticated shade of grey as this is in fashion at the present time.

How Long Does It Take?

We aim to have all work completed within a week. On average, a smaller-sized kitchen will take one or two days, while large kitchens can take several days.

It really depends on exactly what you want, and you are in complete control of this. We can paint your whole kitchen or just a few selected areas.

What Can Be included?

We don't just spray your kitchen units. Modern kitchens are a place to be proud of, with many fixtures and fittings to make the room look appealing as well as functional.

We are happy to paint whatever items you wish, including:

Wine racks

End panels

Side panels



Pantry cabinets



External shelves

Additionally, you get to decide whether to just have the front of your cabinet doors painted or to include the backs. As a general rule, we would advise that both sides are done as this gives a much more professional and pleasing appearance - but this is entirely your choice!

If you wish, you could opt to have the inside of the cabinets sprayed for a completely fresh new look.

Isn't DIY Cheaper?

Possibly, but you won't get the same results! There's a good chance that you won't be happy with the finish, and after having done all the work (and paid out for the materials) you'll decide to engage a professional company to tackle the project.

This isn't a criticism of anyone's DIY skills, it's a simple truth. Human error will always play a part, no matter how good you may be at painting. You'll also need to invest in tools and equipment, and getting the correct paint for the job is essential.

At Revamp Spray, knowledge and experience are combined with the best tools and paints to guarantee perfect results with each project.

So, What Does It Cost To Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

It's impossible to provide accurate prices unless we know precisely what you want to be included in your specific project.

The good news is that our pricing system is flexible, allowing you to find the very best option to suit your budget. As we said earlier, you get to choose exactly what is painted. Whether it's just your kitchen cupboards or much more, we are happy to oblige!

Also with regards to pricing, there are other factors to consider, such as the size of your kitchen and the colour and finish of the paint.

At the start, we referred to an approximate cost of between £800 and £1,000 for a kitchen respray, and although this is a fair assessment, it's best to contact us for a free quote as we'll be able to give you a more precise figure.

Considering the benefits, and the professional service you receive, spray painting is an attractive option, especially when compared with the price of a new kitchen.

Spray Paint

Revamp Spray: Upgrade Your Kitchen For Less!

Now you have a better idea of what's involved, it's easy to see why so many homeowners are choosing to have their kitchen cabinets spray painted.

Although exact prices are difficult to suggest without knowing the full extent of the project, it's obvious that kitchen resprays are a common sense and cost-effective alternative to a refit or replacement.

However, this only applies if you use a reliable, professional company like Revamp Spray.

We allow our excellent customer reviews to speak for themselves, and pride ourselves on our high-quality work. Sadly, not all spray paint specialists offer the same high standards and many customers have been left with poor-quality work that looks awful and needs fixing. Not only is this inconvenient and upsetting, but it also costs you more money.

So, when you're considering a kitchen respray, don't pick the cheapest and always check out reviews. Use sites like Checkatrade and make sure you choose a company that you can trust to offer a professional service at a fair price.

Revamp Spray fits this role perfectly, which is why we are the very best option when it comes to upgrading your kitchen. We offer a price that won't break your budget, and quality work that leaves your kitchen cabinets looking brand new.

With all these amazing benefits, why would you choose anyone else?

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