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Kitchen Spray Painters Rhondda

For many people in Rhondda, the kitchen is the main hub of the home. We spend many hours there preparing our meals and sharing good times with friends and family.

Even small kitchens are special, providing an area in which to relax and indulge our creative side.

Unfortunately, they suffer from wear and tear. Designs and colours go out of fashion, and the surfaces become discoloured, maybe even scuffed and scraped.

Replace Or Renovate?

In the past, the only solution was to replace the cupboard doors and drawer fronts, assuming that the cabinet frames themselves were still good.

But there's an alternative: you can now spray paint kitchen cabinets instead of buying new ones!

If you're in Rhondda and considering this option but need to know more, you can find out all you need to know right here.

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What Is Kitchen Spray Painting?

Painting furniture and kitchen cupboard doors is nothing particularly new, but results in the past have been varied, to say the least. Well-meaning DIY enthusiasts may have used brushes or rollers, while some tried using spray painting machines. While the finish may look okay, it rarely matches the high standards offered by experienced kitchen painting specialists.

At Sketch Spray, we only use professional-grade spraying equipment and the best quality paints (most are not readily available to the general public). Our highly-trained team of spray painting technicians visit your home and use their skills to paint your existing kitchen cupboard doors.

The results are astonishing, and your kitchen will be unrecognisable. There are no brush marks and you get a flawless finish that's easy to keep clean.

What Is Kitchen Spray Painting
Why Should I Hire Kitchen Painters ?

Why Should I Hire Kitchen Painters?

It's a reasonable question, as you want to know whether it's worth it.

Here's a quick rundown of the benefits:

It's Cost-Effective

Above everything else, this is the fact that convinces most people: spray painting your kitchen cupboards is a fraction of the cost of having replacement doors fitted.

On average, you can save between 20 and 70%* on the cost of replacements, maybe even more. In a time when most people are having to manage their budgets very carefully, this makes for an attractive proposition.

*Depending on the size, style and complexity of the kitchen

No Disruptive Building Work

Sketch Spray specialist kitchen painters aim to cause minimal disruption to your daily life and routine.

A full kitchen refit is a noisy and dusty process that could take between 3 and 5 weeks. And while it should only take a couple of days to fit replacement doors (if the cabinets themselves are sound), it still costs a lot more than spray painting.

It's Environmentally Responsible

Whether you only have the doors removed or the cabinets and all the fittings pulled out during a kitchen refit, you can guarantee that, in most cases, the waste material will find its way into the landfill. Very little of this material is ever recycled.

In the UK, around 70% of all the kitchens replaced each year are fully functional. There's absolutely nothing wrong with them except that the owners no longer like the colour scheme. That's an incredible amount of perfectly good material needlessly being discarded, the majority of which will not be recycled or reused.

Using a kitchen spray painting service extends the life of your existing kitchen cupboards, and is a great way of reducing waste and minimising your impact on the environment.

It's a common-sense solution for a planet that needs as much help as it can get.

You Get A Brand New Look

You can transform your kitchen with a bold new colour that reflects your style, and the choice of colours is almost endless. Browse through the RAL and British Standard colour charts, and even check out the high-quality Farrow and Ball colours. If you have a specific colour in mind, let us know and we'll strive to make your vision come to life.

Go from dark to light or vice versa - use your imagination! In most cases, deeply textured doors and end panels will keep their grain after being spray painted. We can repair minor damage and replace the handles and drawer knobs (and fill the old holes professionally) for maximum effect. Please advise us which style of handles you would like when arranging your kitchen respray to allow time for them to be ordered.

To all intents and purposes, you get a 'brand new' kitchen without the huge price tag.

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What Is The Process?

Of course, before you sign up for this service, you need to know what's involved.

Although each job can vary according to individual requirements, we generally follow this procedure:


No matter how careful you are or how much you clean your kitchen cupboard doors, they become greasy. This is especially the case with solid wood doors, where the grease is often absorbed into the wood grain.

The first job is to remove the doors, drawers and plinths and degrease them using industrial strength solvents. This penetrates the surface and breaks down the grease, which is wiped away along with any dirt and dust.

Removing Parts To The Workshop

It's easier to prepare and spray the doors and drawers at our purpose-built workshop (and it allows you to continue using your kitchen), although it may be possible for us to work on them in situ if preferred. Please communicate with us on this point to avoid any confusion.

Any kitchen parts that can't be removed are sanded down using a fine sandpaper, and minor damage (such as small holes or cracks) is repaired with filler. Broken hinges can be replaced as well.

All surfaces are given another wipe down ready for the spray painting process. The kitchen areas not to be sprayed are then carefully masked to avoid any overspray.

Spray Painting

Once the doors are clean and dry, we commence spray painting and leave them to set. We may use a primer if required, but our high-quality paint doesn't usually need it. A thin coat of this durable paint acts as its own primer most of the time.

We spray the fixed areas of the kitchen and allow them to dry.

Our expert kitchen spray painters will apply between two and three coats, using their experience to gauge the best approach for each job.

They will also add the top coat in a finish of your choice, whether matte, satin or gloss.


Once we are happy that a factory finish has been achieved, we re-attach your cupboard doors, plinths, drawer fronts and any other parts that were removed.

All masking tape is removed and any tools, coverings, debris and equipment tidied away, leaving your home as it was before we came, with one exception: your kitchen cabinets now look better than ever!

After one final check to make sure all is in order, the job will be signed off.

What Is The Process ?


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How Long Does The Process Take

How Long Does The Process Take?

It depends on exactly what needs to be painted. On average, we aim to have the work completed within one and three days, and most jobs are finished within a working week.

At most, there should only be two days where you may not have full use of the kitchen area.

We will be able to give a more precise estimate of the working time once we have assessed the extent of the project.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Once again, it all depends on the size of the project. When you've decided what you want to paint, contact us for a no-obligation free quote.

While we could give estimates here, they are rarely helpful without knowing precisely what's involved. Feel free to look up a fair price range on sites like Checkatrade, as they will give you a good idea of what to expect.

How Much Does It Cost kitchen painters

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Why Choose Sketch Spray

Why Choose Sketch Spray?

When you invite contractors into your home to provide a service, there has to be an element of trust between you.

Courteous And Professional

You need to know that you can rely on them to perform the task to the best of their ability and that they will act in a professional manner at all times, showing respect to you, your home and your belongings.

The Sketch Spray kitchen painters agree with this sentiment and will be courteous throughout the procedure.

Highly Experienced

Our paint technicians are fully trained and highly skilled in spray painting and hand painting methods, so you can be confident that when they work on your kitchen you will get the very best results.

They take pride in every job - after all, the Sketch Spray reputation is at stake.

Customer Care

It sometimes seems that the big corporations take their customers for granted. Sketch Spray values each and every customer and endeavours to uphold standards that may seem old-fashioned in this day and age.

We strive to support our customers at every step of the process, as we believe that it should be a stress-free experience, resulting in satisfied customers and a job well done.

A Cost-Effective Solution

This has been mentioned already but it's worth saying again - kitchen spray painting will save you a lot of money! It's no exaggeration to say that the results look as good as having a new kitchen fitted, but your bank account won't suffer for it.

Environmentally Conscious

As well as keeping a massive amount of 'waste' material out of the landfill by extending the life of your kitchen cabinets, we use recyclable materials where possible.

Also, many of the paints we use are water-based, low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and low odour.

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Kitchen Spray Painting FAQs

Although we've given you a lot of information to digest, you still may have some questions about our kitchen spray painting service and Sketch Spray in general. Here are some FAQs that may be useful:

Will You Make A Mess In My Home?

Absolutely not. Our painters are highly skilled and use professional-grade equipment. This minimises the risk of paint being sprayed where it's not supposed to be. There are no drips or spills, and all areas that don't need painting are masked off with good quality waterproof masking tape and sheets.

And when the job is completed the team will tidy the area of all rubbish, leaving the area beautifully clean.

How Soon Can I Use My 'New' Kitchen?

By the time the Sketch Spray technicians have removed the masking tape and refitted all the doors, the paint will be touch-dry.

However, it takes a further 72 hours or so for it to fully dry and harden. You are welcome to use your kitchen during this time, but we recommend that you take extra care not to disturb the surfaces as far as possible.

After this time, your kitchen cabinets will be protected by a hard wearing coat that will protect against grease, dirt, knocks and scrapes for many years.

Do I Need To Do Anything In Advance?

It would be helpful if all the cupboards are emptied before we arrive. This saves valuable time when the team is masking the adjacent areas ready for spraying.

Although there is minimal risk of harm from our paint, the team will wear PPE while spray painting and use an extraction system to reduce the amount of airborne paint particles. As a general rule, they will keep the kitchen door closed while spraying, as a precaution, and we strongly recommend that you remain outside of the area while this takes place.

Children and pets must also be kept away from the working area to avoid any incidents.

You don't need to remove any of the drawer fronts, doors, or plinths, as we handle all of that.

What Areas Do You Spray?

Aside from cupboards and drawers, we can spray the side panels, shelves, wine racks, plinths, cornices, fascias and kitchen doors - essentially, any area that you wish, provided we apply a primer where necessary.

We can also match the interior of the cupboard space with the outside if that's your preference. Of course, this will lengthen the working time and add to the overall cost.

What About My Fitted Appliances?

There's no need to worry! Any integrated appliances will be masked expertly to prevent them from being painted. By the time our kitchen spray painters have finished, the appliances will appear as if they were originally set in cabinets of the new colour.

Please don't try to remove them as this could invalidate your home insurance or warranties or risk damage to the units. It may even result in gas leaks or electric shocks. We are happy for the times to remain in place throughout the process.

Do You Paint Both Sides Of The Doors?

On a typical job we will spray the outside, inside and edges of the doors and drawer fronts, along with the outside of cabinets housing them. However, it's always best to discuss precisely what you want us to paint and to double-check with the team when they arrive on the day to begin work.

We aim to cause a minimum of fuss, so it's important to avoid misunderstandings by communicating with us clearly.

If you'd like us to paint the inside of your cupboards and drawers, please let us know in the initial consultation.

Can You Spray Paint Inside Static Caravans Or Park Homes?

As long as we have access to the premises, we can spray paint kitchen cabinets wherever they are situated. We don't limit our professional spray finishes to 'bricks and mortar' houses - everyone is free to benefit from our expertise.

I'm Having Other Work Carried Out - Is That A Problem?

As long as it doesn't hinder our access to the kitchen, that's fine. We can work around other trades where possible, but we need access at specific times to carry out the job. Of course, we must observe safety protocol at all times and won't expose our staff to hazardous conditions.

If there is any doubt at all, we will request our staff to cease all work until it is safe to continue. Under ideal conditions, we would prefer to have unlimited access to your kitchen during working hours, and we can't be held responsible for any delays due to other trades.

Are There Any Surfaces That You Can't Paint?

Our specialist spray paint can be applied to most surfaces, including ceramic, timber, UPVC, glass, terracotta, and even styrofoam, as long as we use an appropriate primer.

However, if your cupboards have been previously painted with an oil-based paint, they may not be suitable for spray paint as it would begin to peel. We would need to examine and test them beforehand, but there is a slim chance that we won't be able to go ahead.

Will The Paint Peel?

No, it won't peel or flake and is very unlikely to be chipped. Provided that the surfaces are prepared adequately and the right type of paint is applied professionally, then your kitchen cabinets will look amazing for at least a decade and probably much longer.

Sketch Spray kitchen painting specialists pride themselves on their work, using the best paints in the business, so you can rest assured that your kitchen will stay in great condition for a long time.

Why Spray Painting?

Although we use hand painting when necessary, spray paint gives a much more pleasing result with a factory finish that our customers love. It provides a uniform, smooth surface that's very easy to clean.

It also speeds up the process, which is great news for you as there's minimal disruption to your routine and the labour costs are lower.

We will hand paint items when and where circumstances require it (if the spray gun can't be easily used in a small space, for example), and you can be sure that anything hand-painted by our team will be of the highest quality. However, this uses at least twice the volume of paint and will take longer, pushing up the final cost of the project if we have to apply it to large areas.

Do You Only Spray Kitchen Cupboards?

Kitchen refurbishments are only a small part of our repertoire. We also spray paint UPVC windows, doors, garage doors, conservatories, shop fronts and commercial properties. We can also renovate bedroom furniture.

Sketch Spray is your one-stop solution for cost-effective home and business renovation, offering you exceptional results for a budget-friendly price.

Do I Have To Have The Whole Kitchen PAinted?

The size of the project is entirely up to you. Whether you only need a handful of kitchen cabinets spray painting because they're chipped and past their best, or the full works, no kitchen spraying job is too big or too small for our experts.

If you want to request extra services (such as spraying bedroom furniture), be sure to advise us at the time of booking. We can't guarantee that we'll be able to paint items on an ad hoc basis.

Kitchen Spray Painting FAQs

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Should I Get My Kitchen Cabinets Spray Painted

Should I Get My Kitchen Cabinets Spray Painted?

As with any decision of this nature, it's important to be sure that it's the right move.

If you're not certain about it, here are a few pointers to guide you:

  • Are your cabinets in fairly good condition? If they're badly damaged or the cabinetry (the timber framework holding it in place) is rotten or has woodworm, then respraying won't fix the problem.
  • Are you happy with the layout of your existing units? Maybe you're looking to create more space or want to change the layout for aesthetic reasons. If so, then you'll need to arrange for a complete refit. We can spray paint your kitchen cabinets, but it won't alter the layout. However, if you like the shape of your kitchen, we'll give it a new lease of life. We guarantee you'll fall in love with it all over again.
  • Do you like the look of your kitchen cabinet doors? Again, if you want to change the design, spray paint isn't the answer. Kitchen painting is ideal for those who simply want a change of colour.

So, if you're happy with the layout and the style, your doors are in good shape but you're yearning for a fresh new look, then, yes, you should consider having a respray.

Sketch Spray will gladly transform your kitchen cupboards for you, with minimal disruption and fuss at a fraction of the cost of a refit.


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How Do I Get My Kitchen Respray Started?

The first step is to take a good look at your kitchen and decide exactly which parts you'd like painting. As mentioned above, this can be the whole kitchen or only a small section - it's up to you, your imagination and your budget.

Next, contact us to discuss the project and to get a free quote. Although it's best to arrange for us to visit the site to gain a fuller idea of what's involved, we can work from photographs if necessary, but they need to be good quality and show the details clearly.

We will then make an appointment to visit your home and get started, which should only be a matter of a few weeks, depending on the number of outstanding jobs we already have on our books.

How Do I Get My Kitchen Respray Started

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Sketch Spray The Professional Kitchen Painters

Sketch Spray: The Professional Kitchen Painters

Do you want to transform your kitchen without spending a fortune on replacing all the cabinets? Sketch Spray in Rhondda will achieve this in about a week, leaving your room looking as if it has just been fitted.

Spray painting kitchens is just a small part of what we do, but it's something we excel at and take great pride in.

If you're looking to upgrade your Rhondda home, a spray-painted kitchen makes perfect sense economically, practically, and ecologically.

Don't hesitate, contact our Rhondda team today and let us turn your dreams into reality.

frequently asked questions

How long does a spray painted kitchen last?

Resprayed kitchens can last for more than 10 years. We are happy to offer a 10-year guarantee on our kitchen painting service.

Is it worth spray-painting my kitchen?

Spray painting your kitchen can save you up to 80% over replacing it. A new kitchen costs on average in the UK at £10,500.

Do you prefer to paint or spray kitchen cabinets?

Spray painting kitchen cabinets is a better option than painting them. Not only does it give a better finish and coverage, but it also takes up less time and is much more economical.

Is it possible to spray wooden cabinets in the kitchen?

You can spray paint wooden cabinets. This will transform your home and kitchen with a fresh, new look.

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