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As furniture spray painters, we understand the importance of your furniture to you. We know you need professional furniture painting services that can guarantee protection for your old furniture, a quality finish, and fast results.

Here at Sketch Spray, our Woodhouse team offers all that and more.

If you're still not sure if our furniture spray painting services are right for you, that's OK. Today, we simply want to share with you why we believe in furniture spraying, our method of getting it done, and some of the benefits of working with a professional furniture painter business like ours.

Ready to find out more?

Then join us below so you can learn how we can help you with your furniture painting project.

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Different Ways Of Furniture Painting

Painting furniture doesn't have a one-size-fits-all approach. Hand painting is an option, spray painting, even spray painting with a hand painted finish. There are lots of different ways to get the job done and transform your old furniture into something beautiful.

Which method is used often depends on the clients and their desires, and the furniture itself. Some furniture wouldn't respond well to hand paint, and others wouldn't respond well to spray paint - it all depends on the exact furniture project.

If you want a new lease of life for your furniture, though, then furniture painting is the best way to go.

If you decide Sketch Spray is a great option, we favour furniture spray painting, and we'll explain why below.

Different Ways Of Furniture Painting
Why We Prefer Spray Painting

Why We Prefer Spray Painting

The traditional way to paint furniture is obviously to hand paint it. However, we have found that using spray paint for furniture spraying helps to achieve the best quality, makes the paint job more durable, and gives you more control over the style.

When you paint furniture with spray paint, you build up the colours with each new layer, meaning you can perfect the way the paint looks on the surfaces of the furniture you're working on.

You might plan for 4 coats of furniture paint, but realise that it looks perfect after 3. It's the slow buildup of colour and paint that gives you this control in a way traditional methods just don't.

We also find that the finish is often a lot smoother, too. Because of the control we have as furniture spray painters, we're able to create a smooth finish with no brush marks, as you would have from traditional ways of painting furniture.

So, why do we prefer spray painting? Because spray painting helps us achieve better results.

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What Type Of Projects Do You Undertake?

Now you know why we opt for spray painting (and why we think you should choose our spray painting services for your next furniture job), let's take a look at some of the work we typically do as professional specialist furniture painters.

Examples Of Materials We Work With:

  • Wood - oak, pine, mahogany - you name it, we work with it
  • Plastic
  • Wicker
  • MDF (we offer MDF spraying services, too)
  • Metal
  • etc.

Examples Of Furniture We Work With:

If the material or item you need help with isn't on our list, don't worry. This is just a flavour of what we do. From wood to metal, chairs to bed frames, we really can handle most surfaces.

If you have furniture in your house that needs work - modern or old - then drop us a message today.

We have a feeling our services will still be of use to you!

What Type Of Projects Do You Undertake


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Sketch Spray Furniture Spray Painters Our Method Explained

Sketch Spray Furniture Spray Painters: Our Method Explained

Everybody who offers this kind of spray painting service will deliver them slightly differently, but our best results have always been achieved using the method we'll outline below.

In some instances, a different approach is necessary, but in most cases, this is how we approach each job...

Step One: Identifying What You Need

Our first step is figuring out which furniture you need help with. The colours, paint, style, and any special effects you desire will all be discussed before we carry out our services.

Step Two: Setting Up A 'Workshop'

Next, we set up our 'workshop' outside of your home. Basically, we take your furniture out of the room and take it outside your house so we can keep everything clean and tidy.

Then, outside, we lay out tarps and covers to make sure the only thing that's painted when we leave is the furniture you asked us to work on.

Because we work on site, that also means no delivery service or waiting around for us to return your furniture to you - it's all done on site and will be ready the same day.

Step Three: Cleaning and Prepping

The first thing we'll do to your furniture, whether it's wood, metal, or something else, is clean it and prepare it for painting.

This usually involves sanding the surfaces beforehand, because it helps create a texture that, when painted, means the paint will adhere to the furniture for longer.

It's also important at this stage to remove any previous coats of paint or stain so it's ready for the new paint colour.

Following this, your furniture will be wiped down and cleaned, and a primer will be applied. Again, the primer just helps create an adhesive surface so the paints and their colour can stick better and lead to a higher quality finish in the end.

Step Four: Masking

Then we simply mask the areas of your furniture that aren't going to be painted, taking particular care with any glass, etc.

We're always cautious here to make sure your pieces are very well protected.

Step Five: Spray Painting

Now all that's left for us to do is spray the furniture and build up the colour coat by coat.

With each coat of paint, we'll be able to determine when the desired effect has been achieved. Typically, this is within 3 coats, but it may vary.

Step Six: Drying and Curing

We allow the whole project to dry once painted, but because it's applied in thin layers, the paints typically dry a lot quicker.

After it's dry to the touch, it can be taken back to its original room, but it may take a little longer for the paints to fully cure and for you to be able to assess the quality of the finish and the colour.

If there are any problems after your furniture has been painted, we'll be more than happy to assist.

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Why Working With Us Will Benefit You

Now you know what we do and how we do it, let's look at how our furniture spray painting service can help you.

Quality Furniture Paint

The paints we use are all top quality.

We also make sure we have a range of paints to work with, meaning we can achieve different styles and colours on site, and we can work with different types of furniture and materials.

Cost Effective

Ultimately, spraying instead of replacing furniture for a more modern piece will save you money.

It's much more cost effective to upcycle your old pieces of furniture rather than buying new, and you get the benefit of being in control of the new style and colour.

Greener Approach

We are a furniture painting specialist business, so obviously we prefer painting to replacing, but there's no denying it's a much greener approach too.

Spray painting your furniture reduces waste, reduces your carbon footprint, and helps to save money and resources in the process.

Quality Finish

With so many finishes on offer, you can opt for special effects, keep things ultra modern, or opt for a more traditional, classic look.

Whatever suits your needs and your furniture, we'll be able to provide a quality, durable finish.

Professional Services

Here at Sketch Spray, we're professionals. We offer professional services that save you time and stress, meaning you don't need to do it yourself or purchase something new. We know how to make your pieces great again, and we do so professionally, and quickly.

Experience With Range Of Furniture Projects

We have a vast range of experience from chairs, tables, windows, doors - you name it, we fill our time with spray painting, so we know what a job well done looks like. This experience benefits you, because you know your project is in safe hands.

Why Working With Us Will Benefit You

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Furniture Spray Painters Next Steps

Next Steps...

As furniture spray painters in Woodhouse, we're passionate about reusing your old pieces and turning them into something great.

If you share our passion, then contact our Woodhouse team today. We can offer you a free quote and answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to hearing from you!

frequently asked questions

How long can spray painted furniture finishes last for?

Resprayed furniture finish can last for more than 10 years. We are happy to offer a 10-year guarantee on our furniture spraying services.

Is spray painting furniture worth it?

Spray painting furniture can save you up to 80% over replacing it. Spray painting furniture is a great way to update the interior theme.

Which is best - painting or spraying furniture?

Spray painting furniture is faster and more effective than traditional methods.

Is it possible to spray laminate and wooden furniture?

You can spray paint laminated and wooden furniture. It will give your furniture a completely new look.

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