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Garage Door Painters Woodhouse

If you've been looking for a garage door spraying service in Woodhouse, then look no further than Sketch Spray. We offer a range of spray painting services to all manner of Woodhouse residential and commercial properties, but today we want to shine a light on a very popular service of ours: garage door spraying.

As garage door painters, we simply rejuvenate, refresh, and improve your existing garage door to bring back that factory finish you've been missing.

Still not sure if garage door spray painting is right for you? Don't worry, we'll explain what it is, what we do, and why it benefits you below, so you can decide for yourself! No pressure, we promise...

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Why Spray Paint Garage Doors?

To paint a garage door can be a tricky job. If you're hand painting it, even more so. The reason we find garage door spray painting works best as garage door painters is that the finish is always of a higher quality.

The professional spraying equipment we use to apply the garage door spray paint to the garage door itself allows us to build up thin layers of paint to get the desired finish we're looking for. Being able to control the pressure of the spray paint is vital if you want to completely transform the appearance of the garage door and give it a new lease of life, whilst also achieving a high quality, factory-level, smooth finish. You simply wouldn't be able to achieve the same high standard of finish without garage door spraying.

Why Spray Paint Garage Doors
Is It Better Than Traditional Paint

Is It Better Than Traditional Paint?

Yes. Garage door spray painting is absolutely better than traditional hand painting. Previously, it used to be the case that spray painting was only ever employed for use on commercial properties which needed large spaces covered quickly, but people are slowly realising that spray painting can be used in other areas effectively to enhance the appearance and extend the life of different surfaces.

Each coat applied using spraying equipment will help transform any surface - and, in this case, garage door spray painting is one of the most reliable, effective, and top-quality ways to get the finish you desire. You just can't get the same finish with traditional paints.

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How We Spray Paint Garage Doors

Below, we'll share with you what we do when we carry out our garage door spraying at your home. Hopefully, you'll see that we're a team of professionals who put our customers, their property, and the quality of the finished result first.

1: Protect Your Property

Our first priority is always protecting your property. If it were feasible, we'd remove your garage doors to paint them so there was 0 risk of spray paint getting where it shouldn't - but this just isn't possible.

Instead, we arrive with a truckload of masking tape and covers, and make sure everything - any existing windows, brickwork, or surrounding surface - that isn't being painted is covered so our paints won't get near them. Since we will need to carry out the garage door spray painting with the garage door still in position, we're extra cautious at this stage to ensure the rest of the exterior of your home is protected.

2: Prepping

Next up, we'll prep your garage doors for painting. To start with, we'll need to remove your old paint so the new colours you pick can adhere to the surface of the garage door effectively. We'll do this using a paint scraper followed by sanding the surface of your garage door with a fine sandpaper.

The sandpaper serves two purposes. The first, is removing any small specks of paint we might have missed. But second, and most important, is that it creates a textured finish on the garage door, which again, helps paints better stick to it.

After that, we'll simply brush down the door, and then wipe it clean to make sure there is no dirt or grime that could affect our paints.

3: Priming

Priming is an important step if you want the sprayed surface to, well, stay sprayed. The primer helps create an adhesive layer, which our paints can then stick to.

You might be noticing all the extra effort we're going to just to create a textured finish on your garage doors that paint can adhere to easily - and we do that for good reason. By sanding, cleaning, and priming, we can ensure the colour will stay on your garage door for years to come - and a longer life paint means less chance of replacing/respray work in the future.

4: Spraying

Next up is the spraying. We take our equipment and, after discussing your options, pick the paint that's best suited to your garage door type and materials, and then, using the colour you like best, we cover your old garage door. Slowly, we'll build up the colour as we're garage door spray painting until we achieve the look you desire.

5: Drying

After that, we wait. Well, we don't. We tidy up and make sure your residential or business property is exactly how it was when we arrived on site. All you have to do then is make sure nobody interferes with it whilst the paint dries and cures, and then Voila, you effectively have a new garage door!

Can You Spray ANY Garage Door?

Yes! We have spray paint that's appropriate to use with a range of garage doors. Such as:

  • UPVC garage door (we can spray your UPVC windows too)
  • Wood garage doors
  • Roller shutter garage door
  • Aluminium garage doors
  • Fibreglass garage door
  • Steel garage doors
  • GRP garage door
  • Composite garage doors
  • Metal garage door

With our huge range of spray paints, we're confident we'll be able to offer our garage door spray painting services to most customers with most common types of garage doors.

How We Spray Paint Garage Doors


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How Will Working With Us Benefit You

How Will Working With Us Benefit You?

So, that's what we can offer and how it all works - but why does working with us actually benefit you? Well, let us explain more below...

Professional Services

We don't like replacement garage doors. We much prefer to breathe life back into old ones. Why are we telling you this? Because it's our passion, we put our heart into every job we do. Our spray painting service is something we take pride in, and as professional garage door painters, we always do our best to provide you with an impressive service and an even more impressive finish.

If your house or business has a garage door that needs spray painting, then here at Sketch Spray we can offer a professional service like no other.

Experienced Painters

One reason we're so good at what we do is that we're experienced painters. Spraying garage doors isn't a simple job. You have to learn the skill to start with, and then you have to perfect the technique, making sure you're being tidy as you go and you're building up the colour in an attractive way that'll ultimately improve the exterior of the house or business you're working on.

After so much practice, you're then able to go on site and work with different materials, garage doors, paints, and equipment, building your experience up as you go. Since this isn't our first rodeo, we know how to get things done to the highest possible standard.

Cost Effective

Garage door spraying services are a much more cost-effective alternative to replacement garage doors. It's more cost effective because it costs far less to spray your doors than it does to replace them entirely. Replacing garage doors can be incredibly expensive, but spraying them is usually a much more affordable price.

Finishes To Suit Every Taste

Just as every garage door homeowners pick is different - wood, metal, UPVC garage door, etc. - so too is their taste in colour. We have such a huge range of paints in different finishes and colours that we're certain we'll be able to find the perfect match for you.

Quick & Reliable

Because we're so experienced, we're quick and reliable too, delivering high-quality results, fast. That saves you money on labour costs, making working with us even more cost effective.

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How Much Will It Cost?

Giving you an exact pricing now, without seeing your property and being on site, is impossible. We can't know how many coatings your door will need to refresh its look, and we won't know how long it will take to complete (depending on size, etc.).

What we do offer, though, are free quotes. So, reach out today and describe the work you need doing and we'll be able to put together a free quote for you. What we know, though, is that it's much more cost effective to spray than to replace!

How Much Will It Cost Garage Doors

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What To Do Now Garage Doors

What To Do Now

If you have a garage door that needs spray painting in the Woodhouse, whether it's residential or commercial, we can help you with our garage door spraying service. Hopefully, today's information has shown you that a respray is always better than a replacement, and here at Sketch Spray, our Woodhouse team are experts at delivering fantastic results.

Fill out our contact form and we'll be back in contact with you to give you a free quote as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

frequently asked questions

How long can sprayed garage doors last for?

A resprayed garage door can last for more than 10 years. We are happy to offer a 10-year guarantee on all garage door spraying work.

Is it worth spray painting garage doors?

Spray painting garage doors is a worthwhile investment. It can be as low as £150, which is significantly less than buying a new garage door.

Is it possible to spray garage doors in winter?

Garage doors in an ideal situation should not be painted below 8 degrees Celsius as it will slow down the drying process. Morning due can also cause problems with the final finish. However, it all depends on the weather conditions as a garage door is usually small enough to dry in one day.

Do I need to prime my metal garage door before painting it?

Garage doors need to be primed before spray painting. This includes the removal of rust, and using patch up clay to repair any damage. All of this is included in the price for garage door respray.

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