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15 September 2022

How Much Does uPVC Window Spraying Cost?

uPVC windows and doors are probably the most common you'll find on a home's exterior nowadays, because the material is cheap, durable, weatherproof, and easy to clean. That's what makes uPVC doors and windows so popular.

But there's no denying that the uPVC windows and doors you see on almost every property in the UK are a little boring. They're typically white, and whilst it offers a clean, fresh appearance at first, eventually the look can become dated.

So, what can you do about it?

One option is window and door replacement, of course, but we'll talk through why that might not be such a great idea below. Another much better option, however, is uPVC spraying.

Want to learn more about uPVC spraying and how much it could cost you? Then meet us below and we'll explain the benefits of uPVC spraying with us here at Sketch Spray.

What Is uPVC Spraying?

uPVC spraying is simply a way of sprucing up your old windows and doors with spray paint. Most people don't realise that you can spray uPVC, just like you can with wooden windows and doors of yesteryear, any colour you like. You don't have to stick with the same colour white as everybody else on your street.

Spraying your uPVC windows and doors is a cost-effective alternative to replacing them altogether and they can help provide a clean and new appearance to your house. Rather than boring old uPVC windows and doors, they become decorative elements that instantly enhance your kerb appeal and look more attractive to future potential buyers too.

Spray painting your uPVC doors and windows yourself is no easy feat, though. You need specialist tools and specific uPVC paint to get the job done right. Failure to do so will leave obvious marks in your paintwork, and the wrong paint simply won't stick to the uPVC like it should.

Thankfully, we here at Sketch Spray are on hand to help.

uPVC Spraying

How Much Does uPVC Spray Painting Cost?

There are several factors affecting the overall cost of uPVC spraying, which we'll discuss below, but the best way to find out the final price for your uPVC spraying is to get in touch with us today for a free quote. When we know your needs (how many windows and doors, whether it's your full house or just part, and the size of your property) we'll be able to give you a better idea of how much it will cost.

One thing we know for certain, though, is that uPVC spraying is much cheaper than replacement when you compare uPVC spray painting prices to replacement costs.

Benefits Of uPVC Spraying Over Replacement

The cost to spray your doors and windows is generally around 75% cheaper than replacing all of your doors and windows with new ones. uPVC spraying costs are greatly reduced because labour costs are down, you don't need new materials besides the specialist tools we already own and the new paint you'd like.

Spray painting uPVC windows or a uPVC door is also much quicker than replacing them, saving you time as well as money.

Of course, if your uPVC door or uPVC window is broken or damaged, then you'll need to consider replacing them rather than uPVC spraying. Your home's security, safety, and heating is far more important than saving money.

uPVC painting is a great option when you just want a refresh though, and you can pick from our wide-ranging colour scheme to freshen up your whole house for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

uPVC Paint Spraying

Cost Breakdown

Although uPVC spraying costs will vary, and reaching out today for a free quote is your best bet for specific costs relating to you and your property, we can provide you with some general guidance below.

The following estimates are based on standard uPVC doors and windows with standard uPVC features. uPVC window frames and door frames may vary depending on your property, but we'll be able to give you more details when you're in contact with us.

uPVC Windows

To spray uPVC windows costs around £150 to £175 depending on size and additional costs. We'll cover additional costs more in depth later. For now, windows sprayed with uPVC paint will typically cost £150-£175 each.

uPVC Bay Windows

Spray painting uPVC bay windows will cost more because a fresh coat of paint here takes longer to apply due to the larger area and unique shape of the window frames, etc. Typically, uPVC window spraying for bay windows will be around £300 to £350 each.

uPVC Doors

Spraying uPVC door cost is always cheaper than door replacement. Door painting cost is usually between £200 and £260 for one door. Typically, properties only have a uPVC front door and a back uPVC door, so the total uPVC spraying cost for your two doors will be between £400 and £520 for the front door and back.

uPVC Garage Door

If you also have a uPVC garage door, then the spraying uPVC door cost here will typically be between £250 and £350 depending on the size, as garage doors in the UK vary quite a lot between properties. The more spray painting required, the more it will cost, of course.

uPVC Conservatory

And finally, one of the last areas of your house that may have uPVC elements is your conservatory. Your conservatory is a lot more difficult to spray paint than a window frame or door frame, for example, and the whole conservatory has different uPVC items that need to be sprayed.

As a result, the cost of spray painting your uPVC conservatory is typically between £1000 and £2000 depending on the size of your conservatory and the number of opening windows which takes longer to spray due to the extra taping and spraying the opening edges, etc.

Cost Of uPVC Spraying An Entire Home

Knowing the cost to spray your whole house is a lot more difficult until you provide us with details when you contact us for your free quote. We can, however, provide you with some best guess estimates. Remember, though, the following may be higher or lower than you'll actually pay, depending on other cost factors which we'll cover below.

  • A two-bed property can cost between £1000 and £1500.
  • A three-bed property can cost between £1200 and £1800.
  • A four-bed property can cost between £1250 and £2000.

The final price will vary, which is why contacting us for a more exact quote is always best.

uPVC Spraying An Entire Home

Other Cost Factors

The reason costs vary so much is that there are other cost factors which need to be considered besides just the spray painting, labour costs, and cost of materials (e.g. the specialist uPVC paint).

Below, we'll talk about some of the other factors affecting the overall cost of uPVC spraying.


Generally, your location in the UK will affect cost because of the price differences of local tradespeople in terms of what they charge. Of course, here at Sketch Spray we set our labour costs based on time, rather than location, but there are other reasons why your location may cost more.

If your property is more difficult to get to and requires a more nuanced approach, or if the location of your property is a little trickier for spray painting, then the cost of labour may be increased as we work to ensure your house has the uPVC spray finish you desire.

No property is impossible for us. Some are just a little trickier.


The price of uPVC painting can also be increased by your roofline. A property's roofline is simply the uPVC items that run along the roof. Things like guttering, soffits and fascias. You'll need these painting in addition to your doors and windows or else they will stand out.

Of course, you can choose to leave your roofline alone if you want to cut down on costs, but the finished look is usually a lot more satisfying if you do.


Scaffolding is often an expensive part of the job, and it is something you, as a homeowner, will usually need to pay for as we recommend hiring it yourself. Thankfully, uPVC spray painting is one of the quickest ways of updating your doors and windows, so we will only need a day or two to get the job done. Prices of the scaffolding will vary depending on where you rent it from in your local area.

Silicone Resealing

The silicone sealing around your uPVC window and door can often end up looking tired after a fresh coat of paint. uPVC painting can make the silicone seals look dirty or old in comparison to the new paint, so it's often a good idea to replace the silicone when painting a window or door. This usually only costs around £45 per door or window.

Fixing Damaged Or Dated Doors

Occasionally, a door or window might not be suitable for uPVC spray painting simply because it's dated or damaged, and therefore it would make better financial sense to buy a new door now, rather than respraying the old one and then purchasing a new one when it breaks in a few months' time. This will obviously increase the final bill, but you will have better security and kerb appeal for your home.

Why You Should Work With Sketch Spray

If you're still unsure if uPVC spray painting is right for your home, then let us help put your mind at ease by letting you know why working with us here at Sketch Spray would benefit you in the long run.

Professional Job

uPVC painting is our bread and butter. We're experienced with the specialised tools and spray paint techniques required for a perfect, professional finish every time.

New Lease Of Life For Your Home's Exterior

Future potential buyers, guests, and even just people walking by on the street will instantly notice your home's refresh, and that increases the value of your property.

Reduced Overall Cost

Compared to replacing all of your doors and all of your windows in a property, uPVC spraying cost is much reduced. That leaves more money free for you to use on other home improvements to further increase the value of your property.

Range Of Colours

With a wide ranging colour scheme to pick from, with everything from simple anthracite grey to bolder colours, you'll be able to choose the colour that best suits you and your home.

Coloured uPVC Paint spray

Better Than A DIY Job

With specific techniques required to spray uPVC items, and specialist paint and tools, having someone to spray your uPVC doors and windows for you will always guarantee a better finish. With years of experience behind us, here at Sketch Spray we can deliver fantastic results fast.

Transform Your Home Today

Hopefully, our article today has shown you that the uPVC spraying cost is much cheaper than other alternatives. If you're ready to spruce up the exterior of your home today, then get in touch for a free quote so you can find out how much uPVC spraying could cost you!

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