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20 September 2022

Ways To Change Colour Of uPVC Windows

uPVC windows aren't exactly the most attractive in the world. When new, they're bright, fresh, white appearance enhances a home's exterior. There's no denying that. But overtime, they don't age well.

That's not to say uPVC windows aren't great. They're durable, long lasting, and very easy to maintain - keep them clean and they'll last a lifetime. But when everybody else on your street has the exact same uPVC windows frames, they can look a little boring.

Thankfully, there are ways to change the colour of uPVC windows, and today we'll cover the three main ways, the pros and cons of each, and which one we here at Sketch Spray recommend (and can help you with!).

Why Change The Colour Of Your uPVC Window Frames

A refreshing coat of paint for your uPVC windows and doors can help create the perfect finish for your house. Window frames and door frames that have been given a fresh colour can help freshen up the look of your house quickly, increasing kerb appeal, property value, and your own satisfaction with your home.

By changing the colour of uPVC window and door frames, you can express yourself and your personal taste better too, making living in your property a more enjoyable experience for you. And if it's a commercial property you need to change uPVC windows colour for, then you can pick colours that better represent your business.

Changing the colour of your uPVC windows is a great choice for many. But deciding on the colour can be difficult...

upvc window frames 3

Deciding On The Colour Of uPVC Windows

From anthracite grey to brown uPVC windows, bright colours to muted pastels, you can find uPVC windows in a range of colours.

Pick from a wide-ranging colour scheme, and you'll be able to decide which colour best suits your property.

Here at Sketch Spray, we're happy to advise if you're unsure. We're a professional team who is used to helping our clients decide on a colour scheme for their uPVC windows that's right for them.

Three Main Ways To Change Colour Of uPVC Windows

So, changing the colour of your uPVC windows and doors is a great idea, but how can it be done?

Well, there are three main ways to chance the colour of uPVC window frames:

Below, we'll talk you through each method and explain the pros and cons of each.

Liquid Dip Explained

Using the liquid dip technique is something many people opt for when changing the colour of their uPVC window.

Nowadays, the rubber coating used for liquid dip comes in a spray can, and you can simply spray it over the existing frames. When you do, the rubber material will stick to the plastic surface of the uPVC window. uPVC windows sprayed with this liquid dip coating will be a different colour, and it can be a great way to instantly change the look of your uPVC windows from their current colour.


The first major pro about this technique is that the rubber coating is incredibly flexible, and if you make a mistake, you can simply peel the coating off the uPVC surface and start again. That means there's no chance of you permanently messing up your uPVC frames.

It's also suitable for DIY, since mistakes can be corrected more easily. With a professional helping with the job, though, the finish is usually much smoother, and that smooth finish can make all the difference to the way the liquid dip looks.


Unfortunately, liquid dip isn't the most cost effective way of changing your uPVC window frames' colours. The extra layer of rubber coating that is applied to the uPVC windows costs a lot of money, and the number of cans you would need to cover every window frame on your property would make this an expensive job.

As mentioned earlier, it's easy for professionals to get a smoother finish, but even professionals can't stop the rubbery texture and look you get when you use liquid dip.

If you're wondering if this technique to change the colour of your uPVC doors and windows is the best, the simple answer is no. It's too expensive, and the finished result looks rubbery and isn't very durable. Since you can peel this away if you make a mistake, the rubbery layer can also be peeled away by accident over time. With a uPVC door or window, this is even more likely since it moves.

Vinyl Wrap Explained

Vinyl wrapping involves wrapping your uPVC windows in a coloured vinyl that gives your windows the look of new windows, for a fraction of the price.

Wrapping companies sell adhesive vinyl wraps to homeowners in different colours. This adhesive wrap can then be used to cover the existing frame and give a new, fresher look.

This would be a difficult DIY job, though, so you'd have to hire someone who had experience wrapping windows and doors.

Window Frames Vinyl Wrapping


The major benefit of using the vinyl wrap technique is that they are available in a wide range of colours. UV rays won't affect the vinyl coating either, so the bright colour you choose will stay bright for years to come.

Vinyl wraps also change the colour of your old windows quickly and they do an amazing job of changing the look of your home. They also don't suffer with needing protective coverings or have to wait for paint to be completely dry until paint bonds, for example, meaning less fuss and preparation work.


Unfortunately, vinyl wraps are incredibly expensive, and you would need to buy plenty in order to cover every window in your home.

It's a time consuming job too. Wrapping each individual window takes time, and that can mean spending even more on labour costs. Wrapping just one window can take between 3 and 4 hours.

Vinyl wrap isn't the worst technique you can use, but with the extra cost and time, many homeowners choose an alternative method.

Spray Painting Explained

Without a doubt, the most popular method of changing the colour of your uPVC is painting uPVC windows. uPVC painting involves using a paint sprayer to apply uPVC specific paint (that's designed to bond with the plastic surface more easily) to your window frames.

This gives a smooth, professional finish that completely changes the look of your windows and doors in no time at all.

Painting uPVC windows is one of the most popular ways, because spray painting is quick and easy, and your uPVC window frames can be changed to a completely new colour in no time at all.

To spray paint, professionals like us here at Sketch Spray, will gently sand the surface of the uPVC window frames to make them easier for the paint to adhere to. We'll use protective coverings to protect the glass from the spray, and then we'll apply the spray paint carefully until all the windows and doors are painted the colour of your choosing.

Spray Painting


uPVC painting results in the best finish for your home. When you paint uPVC windows using spray rather than brush painting, you get a much smoother finish. This makes the windows look exactly the same as brand new windows, but for a fraction of the cost.

If you paint uPVC windows, you also extend the life of the uPVC itself. Once painted, the uPVC beneath is protected, keeping it free from dirt and grime and UV rays, meaning only the top layer of paint needs to be cleaned intermittently.

uPVC windows and doors are costly when buying them new. For a great price, you'll be able to have your windows and doors sprayed for around 25% of the cost of new doors and windows.

Without a doubt, spray painting your uPVC windows and doors leads to the smoothest, most durable, and most satisfying results, all for a brilliant price and in barely any time at all.


There's one drawback to spraying your uPVC windows and doors, though, and that's the potential mess. With a professional team like ours, who paint uPVC all the time, this isn't a problem. With the proper care and attention, and experience handling the sprayer in a controlled and even manner, we can guarantee the perfect finish with no messes.

Why We Think You Should Spray Paint uPVC Windows

Of course, spray painting is our bread and butter here at Sketch Spray, so we were always going to suggest spraying your window or front door ahead of the other methods. But there's no denying that a window that is sprayed with uPVC paint rather than one that is covered in a rubber coating or wrapped in vinyl looks much better.

The variety of colours, ease of application, and durable, professional finish makes using uPVC paint the obvious choice.

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